. Rapti Technical School
Strategic Plan

VISION-2020: Rapti technical school is a Sovereign Technical Training Institution in Nepal.

MISSION: Rapti Technical School is for producing competent skilled human resource for world labor market through technical education and vocational Training

GOAL1 Ensure quality technical education and vocational training  
Strategic Objective:1.1 Provide trainings to all instructional and admin staffs by 2017.

1.2 Update resources with new technologies as per market need through 2018.

1.3 Set quality standards of all products and services through 2018.

1.4 Equip all instructors with licenses through 2017.

1.5 Equip institution with minimum operation facilities by 2016.

1.6 Improve formative and summative evaluation system through 2017

GOAL2  Ensure Gender Equality and social Inclusion in TVET   
Strategic Objective:2.1 Increase participation of women, marginalized people and poor in technical education and training by 50% through 2018.

2.2 Promote GESI Person for self employment and entrepreneurship through Provision of Training, Guidance, and counseling by 2017.

2.3 Conduct GESI awareness activities through 2017.

2.4 Obtain support of donors in GESI activities in trainings through 2018.

2.5 Promote / Involvement of GESI People in Community Participation activities by 2016.

GOAL3 Ensure organizational Sustainability.   
Strategic Objective:3.1 Increase revenue by 200% by customized or sponsored training activities through 2018.

3.2 Obtain functional autonomy from CTEVT by 2016.

3.3 Add 2 long term training program by 2018

3.4 Maximize utility of present resources to generate income by morning and evening short term training programs through 2018.

3.5 Establish production/Income generation unit by 2015

GOAL4 Promote employability of Graduates.  
Strategic Objective:4.1 Provide soft skills training/entrepreneurship skills annually to the graduates through 2018.

4.2 Conduct two tracer studies of graduates by 2018.

4.3 Coordinate with CTEVT for market based training curricula to update courses as per market need by 2016.

4.4 Provide employability and job hunting skills to the students by 2016.

4.5 Promote local occupational areas providing technical assistance by 2016.

4.6 Conduct need based training with respond of Industry/stakeholders by 2018.

GOAL5 Enhance Linkage with Industry/stakeholder for placement.
Strategic Objective:5.1 Conduct Seminar with stakeholder for the job placement and on the job training by 2015.

5.2 Identify existing and potential stakeholders by 2015.

5.3 Establish effective coordination mechanism with employers by 2016.

5.4 Enhance relationship with TTPs and donors by 2016.

5.5 Update and activate academic and carrier counseling and placement unit by 2015.

5.6 Formulate industry advisory committees by 2015.

GOAL6 Enhance Effective and efficiency of RTS management
Strategic Objective:6.1 Provide 30% HRD Opportunities to staff annually by coordinating with CTEVT and TITI through 2018.6.2 Maintain staff transfer problem rate to 2% annually coordinating with CTEVT through 2018.

6.3 Make accountable to each and every staff according to their job by 2015.

6.4 Provide job description to the staffs by 2015.

6.5 Manage information system vertically transmission by 2015.

6.6 Develop appraisal system according to their performance by 2016