Rapti Technical school


राप्ती प्राबिधिक शिक्षालय गढवा गाउपालिका-३ दाङ

Rapti Technical School

Gadhawa Rural Municipality - 3 Dang

Shalik Ram Dangi

Pramila Koirila
Program Coordinator

Narayan Bhandari

Iswor K C

Who are pharmacists?

Pharmacists are health care professionals who practice; provide the knowledge about Pharmacy education, especially on the safe and effective way of using medicines. Pharmcist has diverse skill. They can manufacture or produce medicines as they are aware of every formulation in a detail manner. Quality control, Research and Develpoment (R & D) of medicines can be carried out by Pharmacists. Dispensing, patient counselling, Reading of Prescription, monitoring of adverse drug effect, (pharmacovigillence) is done by Hospital or Clinical Pharmacists. Medically active plants and their study including their extraction, isolation are carried out by Pharmacists. Pharmacists can also involve in the clinical as well as non clinical experiments.