Rapti Technical school


राप्ती प्राबिधिक शिक्षालय देउखुरी दाङमा नयाँ कार्यक्रमको साथमा डिप्लोमा इन Hydro Engineering , Diploma in Civil Engineering , PCL Opthalmic Science ,Isc.Ag Plant Science Isc Ag Vet Science ,Diploma in Pharmacy , Pre-Diploma in Civil Engineering , Pre-Diploma in Survey (Amin) ,Pre-Diploma in Plant Science

Rapti Technical School

Rapti Rular Municipality - 3 Dang


            ”Center of excellence” to produce skill work force   in province no 5.


            Produce competent skill workforce for global Market.


  1. Produced qualified graduates in construction sector.
  2. Enhance quality and competent assistant level health worker in RTS.
  3. Develop model school in agriculture for province 5.
  4. Ensure 90% outcome through quality technical Education & Vocational Training by 2023.

Role of R.T.S: 

           R.T.S. plays an important role in sustainable development in following ways:

  • Providing technical education and vocational training for poverty reduction.
  • Helps in increasing the per capita income by self employment.
  • Helps in managing the unemployed youths to become skilled human resource.
  • Helps in production for fresh as well as hygienic organic and inorganic food.
  • Organizing different programs related to decreasing of child mortality and Maternal mortality rate.