Rapti Technical school


राप्ती प्राबिधिक शिक्षालय देउखुरी दाङमा नयाँ कार्यक्रमको साथमा डिप्लोमा इन Hydro Engineering , Diploma in Civil Engineering , PCL Opthalmic Science ,Isc.Ag Plant Science Isc Ag Vet Science ,Diploma in Pharmacy , Pre-Diploma in Civil Engineering , Pre-Diploma in Survey (Amin) ,Pre-Diploma in Plant Science

Rapti Technical School

Rapti Rular Municipality - 3 Dang

This school has been able to build itself as role model school in whole of TVET sector. Programs Running in R.T.S with following capacity Diploma in Animal Science : Capacity of 40 students Diploma in Plant Science : Capacity of 40 students Diploma in Civil Engineering : Capacity of 48 students PCL in Ophthalmic Science : Capacity of 40 students .Diploma in Pharmacy :Capacity of 40 TSLC in Construction: Capacity of 40 students TSLC in Surveying: Capacity of 40 students PJTA: Capacity of 40 students With it’s more than ten hectares of land, the School has following facilities: • Well managed students hostel with 100 beds and canteen • Fabulous staff quarters with spacious area for kitchen garden • Well-equipped Laboratories and Workshop • Library • Guest house • Fabulous Livestock Farm comprising of Dairy, Poultry, Piggery, Sheep and Goat sections • Horticultural Farm and Orchard • Human and veterinary Clinic • Private water source