Rapti Technical school

This school has been able to build itself as role model school in whole of TVET sector. Programs Running in R.T.S with following capacity Diploma in Animal Science : Capacity of 40 students Diploma in Plant Science : Capacity of 40 students Diploma in Civil Engineering : Capacity of 48 students PCL in Ophthalmic Science : Capacity of 40 students .Diploma in Pharmacy :Capacity of 40 TSLC in Construction: Capacity of 40 students TSLC in Surveying: Capacity of 40 students PJTA: Capacity of 40 students With it’s more than ten hectares of land, the School has following facilities: • Well managed students hostel with 100 beds and canteen • Fabulous staff quarters with spacious area for kitchen garden • Well-equipped Laboratories and Workshop • Library • Guest house • Fabulous Livestock Farm comprising of Dairy, Poultry, Piggery, Sheep and Goat sections • Horticultural Farm and Orchard • Human and veterinary Clinic • Private water source